Tips To Move Heavy Items

Moving furniture and other items from one location to another can be quite a time-consuming and tedious task. This is especially the case if you have a large number of unwieldy and heavy items to move. If you try to move these heavy pieces of furniture yourself, you can end up injuring your back or even damaging the items. Sometimes, you may cause damage to the property you are moving the items through as well.

Only a professional removalist would be able to handle this job expertly, without causing any damage either to your items or the property. They have the experience and training required to handle these jobs well. Not only will they wrap, pack, haul and transport everything, but also make sure that all your heavy furniture is offloaded, unpacked and placed in the right places in the new property.

We at Infinite Removals have been operating in this space for a number of years and have vast experience with moving heavy furniture. The recommendation is that you always hire an experienced professional for the job. However, if you intend to handle this aspect of the move yourself here are some useful tips:

1. Use Furniture Blankets

It isn’t easy to haul and move very heavy furniture, and the best way to do it right is to wrap it up in thick furniture blankets. This provides proper grip and also helps protect the item from damage and scuffing. The thick blankets to provide adequate cushioning against any kind of damage and impact which reduces the chances of breakage, in case the piece happens to slip or bang into something.

2. Get a Good Grip

It can be quite difficult to lift heavy items even when you have a pretty strong hold on them. However, if you don’t find a good grip, you will find it is impossible to lift the piece. Assess the piece of furniture and identify exactly where you can place your hands and dig your fingers in a while lifting it. If you are hauling heavy furniture, consider wrapping it in a furniture blanket, as this will provide a good grip.

3. Use The Right Equipment

It’s far easier to move heavy furniture over a ramp, rather than navigate it over stairs. The heavy items can be lowered down the ramp safely and you don’t have to be worried about injuring your feet or banging into the balustrade.

4. Secure the Furniture Well

Once you haul the furniture into the truck or van, it is a good idea to secure them with strong straps. In fact, you can also use straps when you are moving to the items on trolleys.

5. Get Some Help

It’s not a good idea to try to move heavy furniture on your own. It’s better to get help from friends or family while do you are handling this job. The number of people you need to move the piece will be dependent on the shape, size, and weight of the object.

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